All I want for Christmas…

4904 days ago.

Christmas can be exciting?!  It’s odd how easy multi-colored, twinkling lights can subtly put us in a festive spirit.  And just when you think your going to joyfully celebrate the holidays this year, you make a wrong turn and end up at the Mall. 

Between the costs of the latest “gotta haves” and the temporary help doing their best to be nice, you find yourself wanting to run away as fast as you can to the nearest Starbucks.  A latte fix- yeah!!- that’s what you need. But, then the sugar high goes as swiftly as it came and you find yourself flat on your back screaming no, no, no instead of ho, ho, ho. 

All I want for Christmas is a nice glass of wine, a 70 degree Saturday in the sun, a comfortable lounger and some much needed peace and quiet.  Even if its only for 2 hours, I want it!  What will it hurt? I figure the shopping will eventually get done, the parties will soon be over and a New Year with new beginnings will sneak around the corner.  This Saturday is for me.  Thank you Santa!!

Aahhhh!!  I already feel the sun tickle my toes.